Top 11 Factors That Help You Achieve Top Search Engine Results In 2021 - Semalt Tips

Every beginning of the new year Google comes to us with a new factor to organize pages in the search engine, in 2014, "HTTPS" became one of the factors, and in 2015 "Mobile Usability" became the possibility to browse the site on mobile of the factors of page ranking in the search engine, and at the beginning of 2016 appeared to us "Google Rank Brain" as one of the factors that help in page ranking.

And now we notice that "Mobile Page Speed" is the current stage of the ranking of pages in the search engine...

But now what are the most important factors that help in ranking pages in search engine results in 2021?

Below, we will mention a set of factors that you should focus on to improve the ranking of your site or the site of the company that you work for.

Here are the 11 most important page ranking factors for 2021.

1. Post high-quality content

Creating good content for search engines depends on several factors, not just expressive writing. However, there are some foundations that must be placed within your content to suit your visitors and potential customers.

It needs to provide value to customers in what they are looking for, to build their trust in your brand, and become their first choice when searching on Google and various search engines regarding anything related to your product or services.

2. User intent

Knowing the user's intention of the search process (user intent) is one of the main factors in attracting traffic to you, and CoSchedule, an e-marketing company, has seen a 594% increase in traffic after adding improvements to its content based on user intent.

The best way to achieve user intent is to search for the target word in Google and you will find Google shows you what the user intent is through the results displayed to you, do the user search for that word to buy you find e-commerce sites at the top of the results or know the information you find blogs leading the results and many other objectives that turn in the visitor's mind when searching for that word.

3. Find suitable keywords

The process of searching for the keywords that the visitor searches for is related to the process of producing high-quality content that suits the user's intention. We know that the keyword is not the main factor in the ranking of search results but it is necessary to create a map of producing high-quality content.

By searching for competitors, it is possible to extract important keywords that have a high search rate during the month. This way you can use them to create content that interests searchers. So, it is important to first define the words and then build the content based on those words.

4. Voice search

72% of people rely on mobile for searches and browsing and with the growth and development of technology for AI assistants such as "Siri" and "Alexa". We notice that many now conduct searches by voice, so you must adapt your search words and your marketing strategy to benefit from this growth. We recommend that you start by configuring your content for Voice Search.

5. Make your site responsive on the mobile

Do you remember the mobile version of your site? It was like this: '''' and was my favorite then.

But with the increasing development of technology, the use of mobile in searches, browsing, and making purchases has become commonplace in our time. This has led to the need for sites suitable for mobile phones, so many have now turned to build Responsive Sites to suit Google when browsing through the mobile.

Your website's response to mobile at this age is your way to appear in the results of search engine pages. See how Semalt can make your site efficient on mobile and desktop so that you get better conversion rates. You can also check the extent of your site's response to a mobile phone through this Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

6. Create a secure HTTPS user site

A study by Dr. Pete J. Meyers, an expert in marketing, says 30% of first page results in search engine results use HTTPS.

Do not be afraid. Switching from "HTTP" to "HTTPS" will not harm your site. On the contrary, it will help you improve your results. In 2014, Google announced that it had put 'HTTPS' as one of the page ranking factors in search engine results and, in 2017 it said it will mark sites that run HTTPS through the browser (Chrome) and sites that have not been converted will be classified as unsafe.

This led to a decrease in the rate of visits to sites that did not convert to HTTPS because 54% of Internet users use Google Chrome in their browsing operations.

You may encounter some problems during the conversion, avoid them with help from the experts at Semalt to convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS.

7. Improve user experience

If you don't care about improving the user experience on your site, it will come to an end.

But why is user experience important?

The longer the user stays inside your site, the more useful and good experience you will get.

8. Site Structure - Site Architecture

Build a simple, coherent website that is easy to use for visitors, so you must ensure that it does not take the user more than three to four clicks inside your site to find what he wants, and proper construction not only serves the users but also helps the search engine crawlers' robots to find the website pages easily.

Get to know Semalt's web development service

Indeed, we offer a complete service: design, redesign, and promotion of your site, as well as its maintenance. By collaborating with us, you could easily start your online business or be successful with your current activity.

9. Improve your site speed

"The longer your site loads, the greater your loss".

I officially announce that page loading speed is one of the factors of page ranking. So the shorter the page load time, the greater the percentage of visits to your site. As the user feels that you are worth the time they spend inside your site, and since the pace of the world is moving at lightning speed, there is no time to waste in the delay, a one-second delay in loading pages can cost you a lot.

You can use free tools to help you know the speed of loading of your website pages, such as «PageSpeed Insights» which is one of the free Google tools. All you have to do is just put the link on one of your pages and see the scan results.

10. Create reliable backlinks related to your business

Backlinks continue to be one of the most important components of SEO, helping to rank well in search results.

Can you succeed without backlinks? Of course not, but why not use that factor to your advantage, it increases the speed of improving your ranking in search engine results and builds Google confidence in your site.

11. Make internal improvements on-page

The user experience is closely related to the internal improvements of the search engines. It is still one of the most important factors that affect the ranking of pages in the first results in the search engines.

Internal search engine optimizations will help your content appear in a quick and easy way to users. As well as search engines, and it will increase traffic and reduce bounce rate.

What are the most important internal search engine optimizations?

There are a bunch of improvements that affect your site's ranking in the search engine which we will mention below.


The information including the name and description of the page within your site that the user sees on the search engine results page. But the question is: what size of this information can I put? The answer comes from Danny Sullivan, a Google expert, who did not specify the length of this information. But rather it varies depending on what the Google system finds more useful to the user.

We do not recommend rewriting the description of the existing pages. Unless they do not comply with the basic rules, which are the page name/search keyword + information that helps the user to quickly understand the content of the page.

Usually, Google pulls content from the page and includes it in the description dynamically as it sees it fit the user's query.

Structured Data - Schema

The «Schema Markup» is another component that tells the search engine more information about the content of the page. There are more than 600 types of information that Schema can place for the site. Its mission is to make it easier for the search engine to know the type of information that is on the page. It helps Google to do «Rich Snippets» in search results.

Featured Results - Rich Snippets

The "Rich Snippets" displays content on the Google results page to facilitate user understanding of the content through the use of the "Diagram". This may appear to the user as an image or body to rate, which encourages them to click on your score.

Accordingly, rich snippets can lead to an increase in the number of visitors on your site and on the page whose content you have configured. Since the search engine results page is considered your gateway to clients, it should be well received.

Internal link structure

The internal links on your site group its parts so that the user gets a good experience. It increases the rate of users staying inside the site and browses its pages. It helps the user to find what he wants quickly and easily, so he does not need more than two clicks to get to what he wants.

A summary of the search engine ranking factors

All of the factors we have mentioned help marketers. They also help to carry out the marketing strategy and to improve the ranking of results on the pages of search engines. They work in harmony with each other to help the user get a good experience within your site from the beginning of the search process until he leaves the site.